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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thank you for joining us on this monday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. steve rudin is in for adam caskey on this monday. >> we're looking at a cold and frost the start to our monday morning. some scraping going on if your car is outside this morning. reagan national, above freezing at 34 degrees. 23 at dulles airport. 22 in winchester. petersburg, 19 degrees this hour. high pressure now moving off the coast. we turn later and still plenty of sunshine. winds -- 40 to 53 degrees for a daytime high. we will look for increasing clouds. better get the umbrella ready for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it will be a mild day. we could pick up parts of one to
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3 inches of rain by the time the storm moves through. let's update the traffic. good around the beltway. no problems on 95, 66, the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. be careful out of waldorf into brandywine. it was just a crash on 5 close to brandywine road. stay to the left three equipment should be dropped by the time you arrive. 5:01. corruption allegations in prince george's county. dozens of police officers have been suspended or sidelined, accused of committing crimes. >> this comes weeks after a federal investigation into the counties leadership. brianne carter is live with details on these developments. good morning. >> 46 prince george's county police officers have either been
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suspended or placed on administrative duties. documents show in 19 of the cases, investigators believe officers committed a crime and three of the cases are said to have a relationship to that federal investigation that led to the arrest of jack johnson and his wife. at least 10 of the suspended officers have been charged in court. at least nine are accused of criminal wrongdoing. that includes theft and sexual assaults. prince george's police chief says he is not backing down from holding people accountable whoo stepped.p most of these allegations are not approved. still, a number of people that we're talking about a dozen. reporting live, brianne carter.
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an autopsy is being conducted on an infant who was found in her home dead yesterday. paramedics were called to a home in brunswick, maryland, yesterday morning. the girl was dead. a friend of the family said the child's parents took excellent care of her. >> the check on the baby every five minutes. they had a baby monitor with them 24/7. >> more information on the case should be released after today's autopsy. investigators are searching for a man who stabbed a man at the d.c. metro station. this happen yesterday on the green line. the man was leaving the station when he was stabbed in the neck. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the suspect ran away a third man has been charged in the
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slaying of brian betts. joel johnson plans to plead guilty to successor after the fact to first-degree murder. he was originally charged with murder. that carried a five-year sentence. the holiday shopping season is off to a big star. today is cyber monday. the could be a new range. courtney robinson is live in the new room to explain. last night, it appeared some internet customers in our area might miss out on cyber money. the company announced that they have fixed an internal server and they are continuing to work on the problem. consumers gear ready to cash in on major savings. -- consumers get ready. the shopping france is not over quite yet. -- the shopping frenzy is not
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over quite get. >> i like the convenience of it. >> it is cyber monday. saving big. cyber sales are looking to help boost consumers' and sales. nearly 107 million americans are expected to take part. >> i did not want to go out for black friday. now that the rush is over, i will start shopping. >> here are some helpful suggestions. you can fall companies on twitter. make sure you check those shipping costs. you might save on an item, but the company could make it back on those costs. a quick internet search could plot coupons you did not know about. some things to remember as you shop online today. >> good advice. thank you.
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the lame-duck congress gets back to work today. president obama and congressional leaders will discuss a compromise tomorrow. they could also decide whether to end the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. 33 degrees outside. >> hollywood mourns the loss of the actor leslie nielsen. >> familiar sting for redskins fans. playoff hopes are fading fast. >> we have your forecast on this early monday morning.
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we have been talking about how it is much chillier today that last week. >> scott had to scrape ice off his wind chill. >> looked at these temperatures. bristol, virginia, 21 degrees. 26 in the district heard the same in bethesda. the wind is not a problem.
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leave a few extra minutes to scrape the frost oftf. the sunny skies today. 48 to 53 degrees. wind out of the south from five state miles per hour. a cold front on wednesday morning. 36 to 42 degrees for an overnight low. tomorrow morning, clouds will stick around. look for showers and to develop late day. temperatures near 60 degrees tomorrow. a little bit of rain. clearing up by thursday, friday, and saturday. we could be looking at one to 3 inches of rain across the area. cold and blustery for the end of the workweek. but get an update on the commute. nothing complicated as far as beltway traffic.
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good through the district. normal travel times along the greenway and the toll road. 66 and along 270. bet along 95 between richmond and baltimore. more action seen on the beltway. no issues ahead of you. coming out of waldorf, police should be with an accident on five brandywine road. >> thank you. a social media shut down. why celebrities are signing off for a day. >> 250,000 classified government documents now in the open for anyone to see. the fallout from wikileaks. >> the frantic search forness l.
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welcome back. dozens of prince george's county police officers have been suspended or sidelined. they are accused of committing crimes. 10 officers have been charged. three cases are related to the corruption scandal involving jack johnson. today its cyber monday perry is expected more than 100 million americans will log on to the computer in search of great shopping deals. many retailers are offering discounts, free shipping, and other discounts. the michigan committee held a vigil for three young boys last seen before their father tried to commit suicide. they are believed to be in extreme danger. the father is considered a suspect in their disappearance. condemnations are coming from around the globe.
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wikileaks plans to release to wonder 50,000 secret documents. the white house said the release of the documents puts diplomats at risk. emily schmidt is live with the latest developments today. good morning. >> the white house knew these leaks were coming, but they were powerless to stop them. more than two wonders 60 million words and it will give us some backstage glimpses into classified public policy. nothing is top secret. the prime minister of russia is labeled as the alpha dog. many countries urged u.s. attacks on iran. robert gates said that would plans.tiran's white house condemns the leaks.
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there's more to come, despite the global protest against it. hillary clinton is scheduled to make a statement about this later this morning. she will leave for a preplanned tour of central asia and the middle east. that is the region that is the topic of many of the documents in this release. reporting live, emily schmidt, abc 7 news. the man accused of trying to set off a bomb at a christmas tree lighting ceremony in oregon is scheduled to appear in court today. authorities say mohamed osman mohamud plotted to blow up a van near a plaza in portland on friday night. federal agents gave him the bomb. mohamud was arrested as he tried to detonate the bomb. of fire and the western oregon mosque near been an active bridge abortion for that
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foiled terror plot. someone set fire to the mosque early yesterday morning. they say terror suspect mohamed osman mohamud occasionally parade theire. four people were killed when north korea fired at an island near the disputed border. the north will face tough consequences for any future aggression. celebrities signed off for good cause. the highest t -- the hottest toys. >> retailers are hoping to cash in this cyber money. 107 million people will shop online today, up from 96.5 billion last year. 90% of online retailers will have cyber money promotion.
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what will they be shopping for? we're the hot ticket items. >> the xbox is the best bet for your money. it is a gaming system and gives you access to a number of video channels on the internet. >> the days of doodling may be over. tint is the new pastime in boring college classrooms. lady gaga and justin timberlake are signing off from social media. they will sign back up after their raise $1 million. those are your tech bytes. steve rudin joins us. >> steve it is in 4 adam today. everybody settling in after the thanksgiving holiday. >> the cold has settled in for one morning. it will feel a lot different tomorrow. get the umbrella ready.
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look at the weather headline for the next couple of days or so. a frosty start to our monday morning. look for heavy rain late tomorrow night, one to 3 inches expected. 34 degrees at reagan national. the wind is not a problem. as you head out to retrieve your car, you might want to get the scraper out perfect some frost started to develop. 23 at dulles. of 33 in annapolis. temperatures will slowly warm this morning. high pressure will move off to the west -- to the east of us. our temperatures will warm to just around 50 degrees or so. the showers and the cold front approaching from the west. by tomorrow afternoon, watching county, western maryland looking at showers that will arrive
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during the rush hour commute to more afternoon. hi rain tomorrow night with embedded thunderstorms. windy conditions by wednesday as is cold front moves through the area. lots of sunshine. clouds will increase later on today. 48 to 53 degrees. mostly cloudy skies after midnight. lower 40's closer to downtown. get the umbrella ready. you'll need it. warmer, compared to today. we'll stay mild for the next couple of days. but the rain, one to 3 inches expected. high pressure back across the mid atlantic. cooler, drier, breezy conditions on thursday, friday, and saturday with daytime highs in the mid 40's. lisa baden has the traffic. metro rail is reporting
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everything on normal service. as the wheaton metro, the entrance escalators are out of service. plan ahead. no problems as far as traffic around the beltway. good as far as interstate -- interstate travel. this is a quick camera and show you 270 out of frederick, beautiful here at 109. 33 degrees on this early monday. >> nothing new when you have a couple of old-timer is behind center. highlights from the redskins' latest loss. >> catch up with favorite aussies, keith urban and nicole kidman.
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>> throws and intercepted. the receiver fell down. and down the sideline. he will go to the end zone for a touchdown. >> in an all-nighter for pay in manning -- an ugly night for pepyton manning and the colts. the redskins lost. >> a lot of unhappy people this
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morning. the redskins got off to a good start a first by taking a 7-0 lead over the vikings. but then things went south. the touchdown run by perry riley was called back. the team is searching for answers. >> i was disappointed when that happened. it did not have anything to do with that play. a block in the back is a black in the back. >> unfortunate, that is the way it happened. you have to learn from it and move on. >> the finance went on to win 17 -13. >> jay cutler threw four touchdowns. michael vick threw for 343 yards but also his first interception.
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turning to the eyes, the capitals were at home on sunday taking on the hurricanes. it was tied at the end of regulation. alex ovechkin and did it in a shootout. the capitals win 3-2. no wonder adam is not here today. he is celebrating the win. >> reason for somebody to be happy around here. 33 degrees outside. the news continues. >> a split lip does not keep the commander in chief off the court. the president gets back in the game with some more gentle opponents. >> i am courtney robinson. black friday it might be over. another day of shopping and savings could be in your future. navigating cyber monday. >> 34 degrees at reagan
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national airport. temperatures aren't in the 20's in most of the airport gets the sc
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captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. a love to on-line shop. i love the convenience of the it. >> online shoppers appear ready to log on and say. good morning. i'm alison starling. >> we will have much more on that story and a potential major complication coming up in just a few minutes. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. steve rudin has the first forecast. you have been putting up the warning all morning that people
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should be ready. >> to scrape the car. they love the way i say "car" some reason. mid 30's's for most of us. temperatures only in the lower 20's in orange. once the sun comes up, we will warm things up a bit. look for winds and of the south- southeast for the next 24 hours or so. temperatures today around 48 to 53 degrees today. mostly cloudy for the overnight hours treat me 30's to low 40's. get the umbrella 44 tomorrow. you will need them. one to 3 inches of rain by tomorrow night. even some embedded thunderstorms. temperatures near 60 degrees. here is lisa baden. a lot of you are running around this morning. no construction to move out of
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the way. a pretty decent commute as far as beltway travel. this is 395 north. the pace of traffic is still light in volume. back to routine around the beltway. this is maryland at university boulevard and moving nicely. >> thank you. more corruption allegations inside the prince george's county police department. a new report details dozens of incidents. >> this comes on the heels of a federal investigation into the county executive. brianne carter has the new details. good morning. >> at least 46 prince george's county police officers have been suspended or given a desk job for misconduct or violation. documents show in 19 of these cases, investigators believe
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officers committed a crime. three of the cases are said to have a relationship to that federal investigations that led to the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife. at least 10 of the suspended officers have been charged in court. at least nine are accused of criminal wrongdoing. that includes theft and sexual assault. chief george's police said he is not backing down from holding people accountable whoo he says have misstep. the present of the prince george's county fraternal order of police chapter said most of these allegations are not approved. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. homicide detectives are investigating the death of a man whose body was found of the laurel park racetrack. it was founded a wooded area across from the truck entrance, an area where homeless people
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are known to camp. it appears the victim suffered head trauma. a third suspect in the death of brian betts is expected to announce a guilty plea. he was charged with murder. that reduced charge carries a maximum five-year sentence. the search is on for the person who attacked a man at the northwest metro station. happened yesterday on the green line. police say the man was leaving the station when he was stabbed in the neck. he was taken to hospital. no word of what led to this attack. millions of people will log on line to shop this cyber monday. retailers are hoping for more big numbers. courtney robinson has a preview. good morning. >> the question is, will you be
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shopping at work? will your employer catch you if you are? a lot of people will probably be shopping at work for 107 million americans plan to log on and spend about $1 billion. internet shopping jumped 16% on black friday. witnessing the offers on how to save hitting our e-mail boxes. pick the stores you want to shop and follow them on twitter. some will be tweeting out about extra special savings. check shipping costs. most will be offered free shipping. some could charge you in order to make up for the discounts. posted today's cyber deals on sunday, featuring limited items. walmart and other stores say this could be cyber week with deals lasting through friday. courtney robinson, abc 7 news.
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comcast says they have fixed a problem. the cable company said a server issue cause problems with high- speed service. governments are denouncing the claim of posting of documents by wikileaks. secret messages by the state department and u.s. diplomats around the world have been posted. they include candid information about foreign leaders. >> just a little piece of information can be added to a network of information and open up an understanding that just was not there before. >> the white house says the release of the documents puts u.s. diplomats at risk. the website founder says there is still more to come.
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the man accused of plotting a christmas tree bombing is scheduled to appear in court. mohamed osman mohamud is charged with plotting to carry out a terrorist attack. undercover agents gave him the bomb. mohamud was arrested when he tried to set it off. congressional leaders will meet with president obama tomorrow. lawmakers will also decide whether to end the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and extend jobless benefits. it is 5:36 on this cold monday morning. >> , the was serious business for this hollywood actor. we'll look back on the life and career of actor leslie nielsen. >> we have the latest redskins'
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loss. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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hello. i am with habitat for humanity of northern virginia. we're celebrating 20 years of building homes and transforming
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lives. >> good morning, washington. you did a fundraiser with them. >> great people in virginia. to put together a wonderful program and raised a lot of money for a great cause. >> they are one of the best. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. one of the best is with us today. nice to see you, steve. we have a cold start to work monday. you might want to head out early because frost could be on your windshield. a much different situation tomorrow morning with warmer air moving into the area. 21 in cumberland. the wind is not a problem. 22 in rockville. 29 in the district. 31 in alexandria. the forecast today calls for lots of sunshine. clouds will increase.
5:41 am
48 to 53 degrees for the daytime high. let's get an update on the rush- hour commute. >> i am nervous. we will watch camera -- traffic. there is a person in medical distress on a commuter bus in the hov lanes for drivers 395 on your way to the pentagon, between seminary road and king street. traffic is still good. not to bed at edsall road and duke street. we will look at one more cameras -- between seminary and king is where many callers tell me this activity is in the hov lane. it is not having much of an impact yet. stick around. we will keep an eye on that. >> thank you. coming up, for the love of the game. the president had a couple of stitches -- that did not keep him off the court.
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>> hope is always there. you're not a redskins fan if you don't believe there's a super bowl trip every year. >> hope is fading fast. >> political turmoil in port-au- prince. the latest from haiti's election chaos. when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. i got a job as a computer applications engineer. but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice.
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welcome back, everybody. there is widespread condemnation over the posting of thousands of secret u.s. government documents by the wikileaks web site. the website posted secret messages between state department and diplomats overseas. they contain candid and often embarrassing observations about world leaders and other topics. today is cyber money, the business online shopping day of the year. millionan 100 a
5:46 am
americans are expected to log on. retailers offering discounts and free shipping. nearly all of haiti's major presidential candidates are calling for the results of yesterday's election to be avoided. there are reports of large numbers of voters were turned away from polling stations. playoff hopesns' are fading after a heartbreaking loss to the vikings yesterday. we have more on fans who are keeping the post season dreams alive. >> it was another tough day of roller-coaster emotions in the season of ups and downs. the gain followed suit. >> we're heading in the right direction, but not too fast. >> the redskins scored on fred davis touchdown pass. the vikings fired back and the redskins cannot find the magic in the fourth quarter.
5:47 am
>> it is what it is. we're trying to get better and play harder. >> there's still a lot of football left in the season. this was a disappointing loss. >> pope is always there. you're not a redskins fan if you don't leave it there is a super bowl every year. president obama is playing basketball again after his much publicized injury. he shot hoops with his daughters yesterday. he needed 12 stitches to close a cut on his lip. he got hit with an elbow during a basketball game on friday. eleanor holmes norton is expecting optimism that d.c. voting rights will become a reality. the gop takeover of the house seemed to doom that. a bill would have weakened
5:48 am
d.c.'s gun law. a constitutional amendment aimed at overturning constitutional law. a proposal will be considered in january that would amend the u.s. constitution to allow 2/3 of the states to repeal legislation passed by congress. eight of the states could also go with this appeal. the capitol christmas tree will be delivered this morning. it is a 67-foot tree from wyoming and is expected to arrive about 10:00 a.m. this morning. it will be decorated with about 5000 ornaments by people back in its home state. the lighting ceremony will be held december 7. this time always goes so quickly, between thanksgiving and christmas. all these activities will start happening. the forecast makes it feel more like wintertime. >> if only we could get a few
5:49 am
flakes of snow. it won't happen this week. heavy rain is expected tomorrow night. it will make for an interesting forecast with even some thunderstorms. thunderstorms on the last day of november. go figure. 34 degrees at reagan national airport. temperatures well above freezing. head out to the west were temperatures are in the 20's this hour. make the upper teens in manassas. quantico looking at 20. satellite and radar, high pressure moving just off towards the east of us. our temperatures will be a few degrees warmer compared to what we had yesterday. the big bump in temperature will come tomorrow with daytime highs in the upper 60's. this is all ahead of a strong cold front that will bring less showers and some embedded thunderstorms late tomorrow
5:50 am
night. mostly sunny skies. a cool day ahead. upper 40's and low 50's. for tonight, clouds will start to increase. mostly cloudy skies after midnight. 36 to 42 degrees. the wind will be out of the southeast, 5 to 10. tomorrow, lower 60's. mostly cloudy skies. showers developing during the afternoon hours. by wednesday, heavier rain. clearing up nicely on thursday, friday, and saturday. by the time this system clears the mid atlantic, which could be talking 1 to 3 inches of rain. gusty wind as well as embedded thunderstorms. we are moving nicely on 270, 66. no problems between marshall, manassas, and into vienna. let's go live to 395.
5:51 am
a person was in medical distress on a commuter bus between king street and duke street. the ambulance has managed to transport them. the bus is now moving. traffic moving nicely towards the pentagon. back inside. thank you. hollywood is mourning the loss of leslie nielsen. take a look. >> this woman has to be gone to a hostile. >> as possible. what is it? >> it is a big building with people, but that is not important. >> was known as a dramatic leading man. but then it was his role in "airplane!" that turned him into a comic star. he played a bumbling detective in the "naked gun" comedies. you said you met him when you're a kid. >> we have a talent show.
5:52 am
he was the judge. he was great. his timing in those movies was amazing. just incredible. so funny. >> will never be forgotten. for decades, he was a dramatic actor. so many people are only familiar with him in the comedies. >> d love some lesley nielsen? ." "don't call me shirley >> we're talking about the documentary about the public school system, "waiting for superman," will be considered among the finalists for nominees. it follows five families, including one from d.c., struggling to get their children into decent schools. >> it propelled michelle rhee into the national spotlight. she talked about the movie on
5:53 am
"oprah." we will see if it wins the big award. 5:52, 32 degrees.
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welcome back. a new solar energy program in prince george's county is expected to raise $80,000 a year. >> it was unveiled on friday. the money saved will help the elderly pay their electric bills
5:56 am
per it will help kids pay college tuitions with scholarships. most of the installations are rooftop solar panels. >> it is going to bring tremendous savings. it puts us on the cutting edge of saving. it allows people to go to college. >> win-win. sending kids to school. >> the equipment was paid for with a $1 million stimulus grant by the government. energy not use will be sold on the open market. more to come in our second hour of "good morning washington." >> shelling al for the holiday season. we to hear how much those 12 days will cost you. >> dozens of police officers reportedly taken off their patrol posts. details, coming up. >> lisa baden is coming back to help you navigate your monday
5:57 am
morning commute every nice long holiday weekend.
5:58 am
more corruption accusations inside a local police department. we will have a live report. >> to wonder 50,000 classified government documents now out in
5:59 am
the open for anyone to see -- 250,000 classified documents. >> latest holiday shopping tradition. millions log on for cyber monday. "good morning washington" continues right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, the member 29. >> great to have you join us on this monday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. lisa baden is standing by with the latest on traffic. but steve rudin, we start with you. it is a chilly monday morning. >> a chilly and frostbite monday morning. heading outside, get the scraper ready, you'll need it. we're looking at some frost the conditions outside. and cold temperatures, especially out to the rest


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